Views review - Checklist

Drupal Views (DViews) that contain lists of entity types such as Node, Taxonomy, User etc.

Notice: a DViews may be a part of a DFeature of an Entity type and not a separate DFeature.

In order to use this checklist on an issue copy the source code into the issue and treat the checklist accordingly.

IMPORTANT: If one or more checkboxes of the list do not apply (eg there is no need for Multilingual Settings) please REMOVE the related checkbox to avoid misunderstand.

A. Basic checklist:

  1. [ ] Commits are atomic
  2. [ ] Pull request (or branch) is atomic
  3. [ ] One Views Display (eg Page, Block etc) per DViews. Exceptions should be reported on commit messages
  4. [ ] DViews correct machine_name pattern
  5. [ ] DFeature correct machine_name pattern (if it is a separate DFeature)
  6. [ ] DViews has a proper Title
  7. [ ] DViews has not custom CSS classes
  8. [ ] DViews is using only Entity Display modes (Full, Teaser etc). Exceptions should be reported on commit messages.
  9. [ ] DViews has a tag same as your (development) nickname
  10. [ ] DViews has no Menu link through the DViews settings
  11. [ ] DViews does not use Ajax
  12. [ ] “No results behavior” is not empty
  13. [ ] DViews is using User Permissions for Access
  14. [ ] DViews has been tested (locally or remotely)
  15. [ ] All the dependencies exist already on D.O. or on the Github profile
  16. [ ] Multilingual settings have be set (if need to)
  17. [ ] Domain access (module) have been set (if need to), eg for DViews Blocks
  18. [ ] Multiple DViews of the same Entity type belong to the same DFeature (eg a Page, a Block and a Feed of node type Article)

B. Extended checklist:

  1. [ ] DViews has useful Administrative comments
  2. [ ] DViews contains Tests
  3. [ ] DFeature has no dependency to itself
  4. [ ] DFeature configuration files exist in place
  5. [ ] Additional README.txt with how to information has been added (if needed)