Custom development scripts

Currently none of the scripts bellow has been published (TBD).

Create a dev project folder from core and Github distro.

Build the Distribution from Profile on Github

Rebuild the Distribution from Profile on Github

Run tests on Profile on Github

Useful aliases (for this project)

Setup local dev enviroment (new machines)

Export site config and push to Github

Pull from Github and import site config

Update Distribution with latest core

Update Distribution with contrib module (securiry) update

Create a new Subdomain (under the main domain)

Create a Distribution release on Github

Create a Distribution release on

Create/Build a Vagrant box

Create/Build a Docker container (or image)

Push Test/Staging branch to Live

Generate dummy content

Autocreate Tests for new Entities/Views/Blocks (eg with Console)

Tmux script

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. Here are some panes for the project.

  • ls to Drupal folder
  • start docker (or start php server)
  • git checkout develop && git pull
  • open slack url
  • open github repository url
  • open website url(s)
  • open git ui