Development thoughts

On file settings.php

  • Use prefixes by table for the database in order to exclude tables from database import/export processes.
  • Store user generated files (sites/*/files) on external storage and get files from there for any new build.
  • Disable update_manager from Drupal ui and allow updates only from ssh.
  • Live site should have the [trusted_host_patterns] to allow http requests.
  • Set cookie_domain to allow logged in users to move between multidomains.
  • Use local.settings.php and for custom development settings. Do not enable this on live site!
  • Move config* files out of sites/* folder.
  • Use $settings['file_public_base_url'] variable to have the public files on external folder.

On file services.yml

  • Modify the renderer_cache_contexts to alter cache settings. See the related API.
  • Create custom cache tags for rendering caching and add them to autoplaceholder_conditions variable.

On packaging, distribution

  • When creating Drupal Features it is better to add dependencies of D.O. modules and not of custom modules that belong to the profile. Except if the required feature has necessary settings. This way each feature could be more “independent”.


  • Every functionality that is strongly related with the development parameters should be implemented as entityreference (eg the language of a block).
  • Dump database should be exported from live site (master) every n hours.
  • Create a list of things for the customer to check on every release.